Helpful Information About Rooms to Let North East

Everything you will need to know about Rooms to Let North East  and latest letting properties information.


Be the first to know about new properties- rooms. Register your details with us today and we will keep you informed. (we will only contact you about properties & rooms)

Booking viewings

You can book a viewing through the website, Telephone or social media . We have out of hours appointments. Weekend slots are available too.


If you are interested in the property you can request an application form.

Referencing takes 7 days to process, if you need to move in quicker this can be prioritised. Depending on circumstances.

Document’s required

  • Passport – Government id
  • Visa permit
  • Recent payslip
  • Proof of ni number
  • 3 months bank statements
  • Confirmation of income
  • Confirmation of job start if new
  • Proof of benefit
  • Recent child benefit – tax credit letter


  • You and your guarantor must be in full time employment.
  • Internships, placements, post grads must have a guarantor
  • You or the guarantor must meet the affordability. Monthly income x30
  • You or the guarantor must declare all credit – debt you may have before our financial assessment.
  • Declare any legal cases you have been involved in. Including anti social behaviour.
  • Your previous landlord reference from the last 2 addresses
  • Once all the checks are complete, we will organise your check In date.
  • *Referencing fees are not refundable if you do not pass the reference.
  • If we decide not to proceed for any other reason, then we will refund the fees paid.

Check in

On check in we will give you a brief guide to the property. Hand over all keys. Carry out the inventory check in. Take meter reads.

Once moved in we will leave you to enjoy your new home. The next time we visit will be the quarter visit . If you have anything to report or need assistance before then please do not wait till the visit date.


All deposits are held in the Deposit Protection Service account. They are returned to tenants at the end of the tenancy, subject to a successful check out. i.e.: no rent arrears the property is clean, tidy and free from rubbish or damages.

Rent Payments:

Rent payments are due by standing order. Can be paid monthly or weekly. On move or before move in you will need to pay either 1 week or 1 months rent in advance. Weekly rent due every Friday. When making payments please ensure you reference the payment with your room and surname

Quarterly visits

We will inform you the week before carrying out our quarterly visits. During the visit we will discuss how everything is, carry out checks of safety equipment and alarms Inc carbon monoxide alarms. We fill in a brief update of rooms in our inspection app and take some photos . We assess the facilities in the property and if the property is due any updates or improvements. The visit does not last long. This is a great time to update us with any new information. Like new telephone numbers, changes to emails etc. Keeping the information on your account up to date is vital for the best management of your tenancy.

Access notice times

If we need to access the property, we will give 48 hours notice, 24 if sooner access is needed. In an emergency situation we will gain access to the house asap. I.e. If the property has a leaking pipe and we are not able to contact you.


We aim to carry out all maintenance issues swiftly. The maintenance of properties is prioritised. Urgent repairs are always top.  Once maintenance is reported we will keep you updated with the process and the maintenance team will contact you for access arrangements.

Waste management plans

All properties must conform to our waste management plans as part of the tenancy terms. A copy of our waste management plan will be given to you on check in.

Anti social Behaviour Policy

Rooms to let do not tolerate any kind of anti social behaviour, we have an anti social behaviour policy and this is available at any time. A copy of this policy will be given to you on check in

House rules

We pride ourselves on providing a good standard of room lets. Everyone gets a copy of our house rules at the start of the tenancy. These rules are also on the board of all properties. Please familiarize yourself with the rules to avoid any upset. We have a zero tolerance for drugs. Anyone found using, supplying or producing will get their tenancy terminated. Housemates generally get along really well throughout all the properties. When there has been any issues. We are quick to resolve them. There is always a solution to any disagreement that may arise.

Fire safety

The house is equipped with fire safety alarms and equipment. Also carbon monoxide alarms. These are in place for the safety of you and everyone in the house. Please don’t hamper the safety of yourself and others by covering over heat sensors – alarms with carrier bags or socks.

Emergency lights should be on all the time, if you notice any lights are not working, report them straight away.

Please make yourself aware of the Fire Risk Assessment and how you would escape during a fire.

Please do not store bikes, boxes or other items in the hallways – stairways and in front of escape doors.

Fire alarms are tested every week and recorded in the log book. We also check all fire sensors and equipment.

Residential properties have smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms and heat sensors. We check these during our visits. However, it is the duty of you the tenant to also ensure they are functioning ok.

Furniture In HOUSE SHARE Properties

All furniture and furnishings comply with Fire Safety Regulations 1988. If you bring additional furniture into your room. Please ensure it complies.


Do not reproduce keys without authorisation. Some keys are coded and can’t be reproduced. If you lose your key, we can organise a replacement key. The cost will range from £10 to £35 depending on the type of key you have. Coded keys are expensive to produce

Ending the tenancy and Check out

To end the tenancy, we will need your notice in writing. Once the checkout is confirmed we will book a visit appointment to come to see you to discuss the checkout and go through the standards and how to get the deposit returned. This reduces any problems at the final check out, because everyone is then clear on what is expected. We will carry out the checkout report, take pictures and get meter readings to update suppliers.

Please have handy on the day

  • Suppliers details
  • Any maintenance you may not have reported
  • Bin days
  • Forward address
  • Bank details


We love feedback from our tenants and ask for feedback through visits and end check outs. We use this to see if we can improve and make anything better for our tenants.